Bounderhill Goldens take our responsibility of producing sound, healthy, dogs with good temperaments very seriously. That is what we look for when we purchase a dog. We are very conscientious about researching pedigrees and databases before we add a dog to our family.  We make sure we obtain all the necessary health clearances for our dogs, and keep up to date with yearly eye certifications and vaccinations. Our dogs live in our home with us, we are particular about the food they are fed, and they are given regular, safe, exercise. That being said, we do not believe it is always possible to produce 100% perfectly healthy dogs. Regardless of the genetic health of the parents, there is no possible way to predict that a puppy will be free of any or all genetic defects.  Even with health clearances for the parents and grandparents, health problems do occur.

Common Health Problems of Goldens include: Hip and Elbow dysplasia, Allergies, Cancer, Cataracts, Ear Problems, Heart Disease, Hypothryoidism, Epilepsy

Remember, there are no perfect dogs in this world.

Keeping this in mind, as a puppy owner, we feel there are certain things you should be expected to do to help your puppy to grow as safe and healthy as possible.


We will advise you when you pick up your puppy, and provide you with a bag of food your puppy is currently eating. If you decide to switch to a different food do it slowly and choose a grain free low protein food . A high percentage of protein may allow the puppy's bones to produce bone deformities. Also , overfeeding is a problem. A combination of the two while the puppy is growing the first year adds to hip and elbow problems. Make sure you consult with your vet on this and follow his recommendations. Do your research- there are some good foods available for puppies. If you do decide to switch foods, do it gradually and most important-  Do Not Feed Grain-Free food!  Grain-free has been known to cause heart disease in goldens.


Do not house your puppy outside. All our dogs live in our house with us. They are our family- we would never house them outside. We do believe in crate training though. When you have a young puppy, a crate becomes a necessity. It is a safe place for them when you are busy or have to leave the house, or at nighttime. They come to think of it as their little haven also. We leave our crate doors open, and our dogs go in them just to take naps. Remember, a puppy loves to chew, and you can't watch it every second. Also, puppy proof your house- remove anything that could be harmful to the puppy!


Exercise is important, but, and we can't stress this enough- exercise your puppy in moderation!! Low impact exercise is preferred! Your puppy is still developing, and his/her bones are growing and forming! Excessive running on hard and slippery surfaces is not acceptable. Rough housing with other dogs is not acceptable. Excessive jumping is not acceptable. Long hikes are not acceptable. A puppy has a lot of energy and wants to do everything, but your puppy is still growing- protect his growing process! As the owner, it is your responsibility to limit your dog's exercise and use good judgement.

Vet Care:

Proper vaccinations and vet visits are important. Keep good records of your puppy's vet visits.


Start training your puppy (housebreaking and obedience) as soon as you get it home. There are a lot of good puppy classes available. A good rule is to be consistent with your training.

Our goal is to see your puppy grow up to be healthy and happy.





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